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The Frothing Grom model has come into play mainly due to the demand by parents that want their kids who shine in the surf early to be able to afford a high tech miniature pro model. With young Snapper rippers like Blake Ireland and Jahli Brooks riding my designs I consider myself on the pace with what these youngsters need to excel early in their careers. The use of EPS which delivers because of its extreme lightness - quickness of action- is totally suited for these young skilled rippers who want to pack as much action into a 3 second beachie as possible.

The frothing grom planshape is pretty well the high performance standard ridden by the pros- sporting a rounded square tail with a slight hip and comes only as a thruster set up.

Again the lateral bottom shape is the same as most pro bottom shapes i.e. single double concave for maximum bight and speed.

The rocker is designed to give the board some reach so is not too flipped in the tail. Because these things are so light they can be bullied by light weights, so they will not feel stiff at all. The design thought here is that most kids get too flappy and their coaches are forever trying to smooth them out so this concept of lightness and drive in the rocker should do just that.

Since keeping these boards light was a big motive for this model, using an EPS core was an imperitive. I have used a stringer to give it back bone and knowing that the decks need to be strong  I have used an inegra biaxle glass which has great dent and structural strength combined with an S cloth 4 oz wrap. The bottom is 4 oz. Fin plugs are FCS11 set as a thruster.

4.8 x 16 ¼ x 1 ¾ = 14.6 lts
4.10 x 16 ½ x 1 13/16 = 15.16 lts
5.0 x 16 ¾ x 1 7/8 = 16.46 lts
5.2 x 17 x 1 15/16 = 17. 83 lts
5.4 x 17 1/8 x 2 = 19.3 lts
5.6 x 17 ¼ x 2 1/16 = 20. 47 lts