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The introduction of a Malibu to the Pipedream range was inevitable due to the long history of the brand and the ageing demo graph that have lived that history. Additionally the Malibu completes the range which boasts diversity over specialization.

The Malibu in the Pipedream range is of course designed with performance in mind rather than an attempt at repeating history by copying the relics.

The planshape of the Pipedream Malibu is punctuated with a severe hip in the tail section to give a very long board a release around the side bight fin position in order to make the board feel shorter. The tail is a pulled in sawn off rounded square which gives the surfer a corner in which to lever off.

The bottom of the Malibu is a gentle rail to rail roll right through giving the board more ease rail to rail. The rail as a result is a thinish mid rail with no edges.

The nose rocker is low as most Mals are but the tail end has an exaggerated tail lift to loosen the heavy front end as much as possible The alpha centre fin and two side bights will give this big puppy as much pivotal freedom possible in a design like this.

The PU Malibu is a polyurethane core and is glassed with a 6 oz bottom and a 4 x 6 oz deck. This new model is completed with a finish coat polish to add some dent strength.

This board comes in GREY Deck / ORANGE Bottom or GREY Deck / GREEN Bottom.

If fins are required with this order go to our selection in Accessories and add to the cart.

9.0 X 23 1/4 X 3 = 68.36 LTS
9.6 X 23 ½ X 3 = 73.28 LTS