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The Glider Mini Mal design has not changed over the last 4 years mainly because it has been so successful for its intended purpose. The Glider, sporting the proven nose lifting Cathedral hull and quad fin application has filled a void for those who are coming off the soft board and onto the real thing. Not short on paddle and stability this mini mal can still certainly be thrown about by those with more talent as well.

The extra paddle is hydrodynamic rather than just simple extra volume. The increased tail lift and longish 4 mm vee through the last one third has the board going from rail to rail with ease and in quad mode can handle much bigger waves if needed. Additionally the extra speed that quads provide make it easier to master as a beginner trying to defy gravity.

The only real change with the 2017 Glider Mini Mal is changing the tail from a squash to a roundtail. The success of roundtail quads made this an imperative. The new Gliderat this point comes in only 2 dimensions since it is aimed specifically to be a stepping stone down to high performance short boards. The Glider Mini Mal has a unique hydro lifting hull under the nose that enables the board to glide into waves with less effort allowing the designer to be a little more frugal with litres of foam. The volume of a surfboard is an advantage in learning mode but is a hindrance once you have learnt. Since this model is not a boat it can be still a board that will have more use as the learner becomes more proficient. The quad design is also an advantage for the learner.

Thrusters have to be pushed to gain speed, so one has to to pivot and thrust to get this speed and this takes some learning in itself. Once speed is found then one has more control through turns and various other manoeuvres. The quad design delivers instant speed without any effort which means that those manoeuvres can be attempted a lot earlier in the learning phase.

The bottom shape of the Glider Mini Mal in the back half has a 4mm vee which encourages the board to rail regardless of the foot size and weight of the surfer riding it. Many people try to learn on a concave with wide tails- and I can tell you there is nothing harder to get torail than a design like this, particularly for the beginner.

The contemporary design of the Glider mini Mal also makes it attractive to the proficient surfer who needs to increase his wave count in overcrowded surf or indeed in conditions that are very testing. The model can be thrown around because of its tail rocker and quad fin design so it can double as a crowd pleaser for the proficient surfer that is addicted to quota.

This board comes in Blue rails or Black rails.

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7.2 X 21 5/8 X 2 13/16 = 46.95 LTS
7.6 X 21 ¾ X 2 7/8 = 50.45 LTS


Hi there,
Just thought i’d leave note here about the glider mini mal.First of all, whoever wrote the description for it was fucking spot on. I started surfing last year in January at Byron bay, stood up that first time and was cheering as you’d know the feeling.Took me a week before I wanted a board and found myself buying a 7 foot glider. Thank the heavens above that this was the board I bought. Over my time learning at a random beach break (Wooyung, just past Byron), it started with the standing up, then the directing, then the everything else when you’re a learner. Now 1 and a half years later, I still have it with me (a bit battered, but still kicking) and I can do amazing things with it.Cutbacks, floaters, insane rail grabs and ra-te-da, even the occasional nose ride (bit tricky on a 7 footer). Now I’m finding I can do some pretty crazy shit (so I like to think) with the board that I first stood up on! An amazing feeling and a special attachment with this board, think it might nearly be time to retire it (dings, chunks missing, name it) and hang it up on the wall.So cheers guys! Happy to have found surfing, and now feeling relief that I bought the right board for sure. YEEEEEEW

Isaac Daniell