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The Black Knight could be described as a retro thruster, or, indeed a board inspired by the success of the Hypto Kripto, but whatever its likeness, it is essentially a fast high performance short board that paddles like a demon and can, and should be ridden 2” to 4” shorter than your normal Go- To.

The Black Knight is primarily targeted at those who seek to go shorter without loss of paddle, but who, will only ride a thruster. To facilitate this, the nose needs to be wide and flattish and the tail pulled in so it will not slide through high speed turns. In addition the general width needs to be capped – again to give it security at higher speeds since it has not the grip of a quad. Extra paddle will also be achieved by the EPS core and the extra thickness up in the centre but off the rail.

The widest point is forward of centre to support the Torso in paddle mode and give more drive in turn mode. Traditionally thrusters need to be narrow nosed since the centre fin is way back on the tail and where the surfer needs to be, to turn. If the nose is too wide it will feel too front heavy. Different story if the wider nose is closer to you because the board is shorter.

The Black Knight has quite a deep single concave through the guts then fading shallower in the tail area to flat off the pod. The deepish concave gives the Knight speed and bight, and the extra rail rocker created by the deep concave through the centre makes this board feel like a more rockered board through turns than it really is.

The nose entry is lowish by high performance rocker standards, but the tail lift is more than you would see in any Retro board which brings life back into the feel through turns and delivers more vert. Combined with the shortness this all adds to shorter arcs and heaps more whip !

The Black Knight has an EPS core and glassed with the proven Bourton Diagonal laminates. Due to the extra security of the inclusion of a stringer the bottom is a 1 x 6oz diagonal and the deck 4 x 4 Diagonal supported by a 6 oz carbon wedge running down the centre of the board and flaring out in the tail to add a little more stomp strength commonly needed in this location. The carbon wedge acts as a structure to help prevent the deck snapping or creasing and also to layer up around the stringer to prevent heavy denting and splitting along the edge of the timber. This design I felt deserved the new FCS11 system.

If fins are required with this order go to our selection in Accessories and add to the cart.

5.8 X 19 7/8 X 2 3/8 = 30 LTS
5.10 X 20 1/8 X 2 7/16 = 32.2 LTS
6.0 X 20 3/8 X 2 1/2 = 34.4 LTS
6.2 X 20 5/8 X 2 9/16 = 36.18 LTS
6.4 X 20 7/8 X 2 5/8 = 38.37 LTS
6.6 X 21 1/8 X 2 11/16 = 40.83 LTS


Hey Muzz
just thought I'd let you know how the black knight is going..... Awesome!! So much fun! I have the 5'10, and have ridden it in dribble to double overhead dee why point and curly! I have the big fins in as you suggested and even though I thought it would slide out in the bigger stuff, it just hangs in! It has such a large sweet spot and holds a rail in super fast turns. The most amazing thing is how well it paddles!! Picks up waves super early and you catch so many more waves! It's so easy to throw around and gets going super fast! Just thought I'd let you know that this board is SICK!! Thanks Muzz,
see you soon! Brent