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ROUND TAIL CHANNEL PURPOSE Due to the demand for longer twin fins the Wizard
range is a timely addition to my Pipedream stable.
This design is aimed at those older guys that
need paddle, but are desperate to keep it loose,
fast and competitive. Twin fins need a wider nose and a flatter rocker to deliver run and reach
since they have only two fins creating only
increased pivot at the sacrifice of all others so
a wider noseand a flatter rocker corrects that
imbalance and at the same time boosts the paddle
in momentum a facility much needed for an ageing
surfer PLANSHAPE The outlines of Twin fins are always forward
centric for reasons described above and have
up to recent times sported swallow tails
which gave them more grip and drive. With
this model which is a round tail which would
have to be the easiest design ever to put to
rail needed in my opinion particularly
in smaller lengths, a replacement mechanism to counter the extra twitch. Enter 4 deep tail
channels and problem solved. ROCKER In line with conventional Twinnies the rocker
in the Wizard series breaks no moulds and is
quite flat considering it is built into
the loosest surfboard design known to man! BOTTOM SHAPE This is where the Wizard differs from most
twinnies in that its rail-to-rail contours
are newish. The nose is quite deeper and a more forgiving rolled vee that runs into
a very slight concave punctuated with a deep
double concave either side of the stringer.
Running into the back half there is deep tail vee which still includes the double concave
either side of the protruding vee. The idea
is speed and lift, but with a controlling
spine right through to the tail. The lift
of the double also freeing up any rail
catching which is super important for
the ever-increasing capacity of twinnies to thrash from rail to rail so easily. The 4
deepish clinker channels exiting the round
tail are a way of increasing the bight of
the round tail which is in some ways too
easy to turn. The exiting clinkers are like
a horizontal fin registering grip without
stifling the rotation of the round tail. RAILS Rule of thumb most shapers quite rightly
believe having more meat in a Twin Fin rail
is an additional way of giving a board that is so absent of drive a leg up in
that very department, but I reason that
when stretching these designs to much greater lengths that can amount to overkill
as there is a lot more rail to bury. T
he Wizard’s rail is therefore moderated somewhat in the belief that needed drive
is coming from the extra length so the rail
can be made more immersible. Having said
that the deck is quite flat but drops suddenly
out in the perimeters creating a shoulder that
promotes a quick release without inhibiting a
thinner rail to do its holding without holding too much… if you get my drift? FINS Fin boxes for Twin fins are normally futures
these days due to the understanding there is
a lot of sideways pressure on a fin this big
and to minimize the fin box rolling in the
foam of the board the future fin boxes have
way more stability and so consequently better
delivery through turns.
This Twinny range is offered in PU atm, but
can be glassed in epoxy for extra cost if need
be. Since these boards are aimed at let’s say…
a seniors market, the glassing is skewed more for longevity than bam slam thankyou man flicky
light weight surfing and indeed the very nature
of a twin fin being the loosest design out there
it need not go over the top in pursuing a weight
ratio to take it too extreme lightness. BOTTOM 6 OZ TOP 6 OZ insert with 4 OZ wrap. DIMENTIONS 6.8 X 20 ¾ X 2 ¾ = 40.73 lts 6.10 X 21 X 2 7/8 =43.68 lts 7.0 X 21 X 2 7/8 = 45.25 lts 7.2 X 21 ¼ 2 15/16 = 48.26 lts 7.4 X 21 ¾ X 2 15/16 = 50 lts