The Pipedream brand has experienced 38 years of surfboard design evolution and is at this point in time enjoying design resurgence due to the persistence and experience in hydrodynamic design of its creator and owner Murray Bourton.

In his own words Murray believes the real focus should now be fixated on design, design and more design. 

Additionally the shaping programs now in play have encouraged a wave of creationism never before seen in surfboards where designers have come up with all sorts of models for specific purposes.

Particularly in the last decade surfboard design has diversified and to date there are so many more choices for all levels of skill rather than just the elite. The Pipedream range you will see upon entering this site reflects Murray’s evolutionary journey from the early seventies to now.

Everything he has learnt over the years has not been discarded for fashion sake, there are still design principles learnt way back that make up a percentage of the DNA in these models. Function over Fashion has always been his mantra.

Currently sporting 7 models the Pipedream range is skewed more toward the fun and exploratory side of surfing. Murray has already run the race in the high performance competitive surfboard market and he’s happy to leave that bone to be ravaged by a new generation of hopefuls.

All the models in the Pipedream range are not customizable they come only in stock sizes, but the best thing to know is that they are all available and in stock now. They can be delivered to any capitol city on the east coast in one day and West Coast 2 days.

All prices include shipping and taxes.