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It seems the twin fin has resurgence of late and there are many different versions on the market. The Hydro Twinny has a big point of difference in that it employs through the front two thirds a single concave with a pronounced 2 inch chine on the rail. The last third- a 3mm vee rises up out of the concave and runs out of the tail. The idea is when propelled it gets up like a Manly Hydro Foil and takes off with the vee and fins the steering mechanism.

The plan shape is pretty normal for a twin fin in that it has a widish hip up front with a parallel face hugging back half running into a moonish swallow.

Pretty well described above ,however it must be noted that this bottom shape is quite original and different to many others on the market that may look the same. The lift under the front foot that this bottom shape gives results in ridiculous speed and freedom punctuated with the vee that encourages the tail to sit down and play the steering wheel.

The rocker is pretty normal for a twin fin in that it is low entry with a mild flattish curve running out the tail. Perhaps what is worth noting is the nose profile has a vee shaped beak that delivers a little more foam forward that does not feel front heavy (because this is a twinny) which aids paddle and nose forgiveness.

The EPS Hydro Twinny is a stringerless design glassed with inegra biaxle and an S cloth wrap on the deck and another inegra biaxle combined with a standard 4 oz wrap on the bottom. The stiffening and strengthening agency of the biaxle inegra top and bottom renders carbon reinforcements not necessary and the stark white look can be displayed without loss of strength or indeed loss of twang. The fin boxes are futures and suggested fins are either the MR template for the rippers or the keels for the speedsters. A small fusion box clustered close to the twin fins is included for a little more sting through turns with a smaller trailor or keel employed. Solid black carbon in the moon (pretty standard in my boards) which protects the tips from being grinded away over time.

5.6 x 20 x 2 7/16 = 29.41 lts
5.8 x 20 ¼ x 2 ½ = 31.41 lts
5.10 x 20 ½ x 2 9/16 = 33.86 lts
6.0 x 20 ¾ x 2 9/16 = 35.07 lts
6.2 x 21 x 2 5/8 = 37 lts
6.4 x 21 ¼ x 2 5/8 = 39 lts

6.6 x 21 1/2 x 2 5/8 = 41.9 lts

6.8 x 21 3/4 x 2 11/16 = 44.4 lts


Hey Muzz, the Hydro Twin I got is one of the fastest, lively boards I’ve ridden. The lift and speed you get from the “hydro” bottom is insane!!! The board paddles amazingly and turns on a dime, not sure how much more my knees will take.

Thanks for keeping the froth alive, Trav


Two surfs on the hydro twin
Yesterday in overhead meaty beachies and this morn in fun zippy beachies , it has no problem being pushed hard off the bottom , gets a bit loose in the lip as all twinnys do but is fun sliding it around
Best of all goes faster than Pell on an alter boy ! ! I've never got along with the cathedral hull but this elongated version is sic!


on a winner there mate..

Hi ya Murray,

                    Yew how are you buddy?

I’d just like to thankyou very much for the great advice in putting me in the right direction on what boards I should be riding.. I brought the ESP Hydro twin fin off you and mate what a board, this twinny is next level.. I’m saying it’s the best board I have ever had ridden. It just works with my style of surfing.. I have been riding it up at Agnes water on the point.

It is so fast and responsive, it has that much drive and builds speed effortlessly, it can hold rail through turns at speed and just flows. I can also realise the fins when I want,  specially when I place in the right part of the wave.

 The bottom design and the fin placement just works so well together.. Your

After years of listening to my mate Zane about how good your boards are I’m so happy to have a sick Quiver of boards off you.. it’s a shame I didn’t talk to you years ago..

The time you spent talking to me, was the best thing ever and I really appreciate it.. You truely are the master Shaper.. I looking forward in spending more time with you learning about board design.. I still have 2 other boards of yours unwaxed ready for Sumatra.. Im excited..

so people’s if you are looking to advance your surfing to the next level take the time to contact Murry he’ll point you in the right direction..

you da man Murry... yew.

Thanks a million mate..

looking forward to the future..

yew 😄🏄🏽‍♂️🌊🙏❤️

From Joeli..

Agnes water..


by Murray Bourton
5.10 x 20.1/2 x 2.7/16 

Matthew Gunn - former GC SURF contributer and Graphic Designer
45 years

Post Cyclone Oma, with surf a becoming a little small and lack lustre, the Tweed back beaches have been offering clean small waves. The perfect testing ground for the PIPEDREAM HYDRO TWIN by Murray Bourton

I purchased the board 2 weeks ago from the Currumbin Factory. My first impressions of the HYDRO TWIN was the sleek modern design. Under the arm feels familiar, natural and light weight. Quality is represented through exceptional craftsmanship and a consistant finish, and extra bonus features such as Carbon Fibre tail protection and a stabiliser fin box. 

I have ridden more than 150 waves over 8 surfs since purchase. Yes your wave count will balloon on this board, just try and stop me smiling. Unfortunately...Flack from your jealous friends is a certainty.  Repeat after me.....“It is just amazing just how early you can pick up unbroken waves.”, “No I didn’t just catch the last one” and “your wave looked unreal”. Don’t wear any bright recognisable clothing either. 

Speed is offered instantaneously with the board blistering from behind any peak easily linking multiple sections, offering plenty of momentum and time for traditional twin fin surfing. A few waves more I was breaking track, turning high and more progressive, working with controlled slides, tail release and a few rail grabs to harness those flaring thruster inspired manoeuvres. With the clever 'Twin Hull' and increasing 'Vee Bottom' design, it's almost two surfboards at once.

The HYDRO TWIN has stood up to my rough handling in and out of the water without difficulty, looking still new, except for the inclusions of zinc cream, salt spray and melted wax. 

With many other brand names all offering a modern inspired twinny, The HYDRO TWIN represents exceptional value @ $XXX.XX,. I did the sums on one particular model, where the pipedream was almost 2 for 1. 

Available Online at https://pipedreamsurfboards.com or head down to the factory and catch up with Murray and receive local personal service from one of Australia’s few Shaping Masters.

Anyway, Tide is nearly high and I hear theres some bouncing off a headland, got to go.

Kind regards

mobile > 0413 491 801