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Perhaps this models title gives the game away early, but having said that the Anti Mal IS a great alternative from gravitating to the dark side when your body is screaming for it. The Anti mal being an EPS core already has an advantage over a PU Malibu and although it will not still paddle as well it will be a shitload more manoeuvrable. In thruster or quad mode the Anti Mal will excite its rider with performance way beyond a retirement Mal. All this and without having to deal with a diminishing wave count.

Contrary to the nose area in a Malibu, the Anti Mal has a much more normal narrower nose, which gives it a whippier turning arc, but sacrificing the ability to hang ten..which is no biggy coz this board is not aimed at that market anyway. The inclusion of a round tail is also for the purpose of a grab free rotation from rail to rail helping the rider to lever a longer board from rail to rail particularly in smaller waves. Also having a roundtail in quad mode aids pivot – a handy attribute for a board this long.

The Anti Mal has a con vee bottom meaning it has a 3 mm concave through the middle running into a 3mm vee through the entire back half. The purpose of the vee is to give it ease of tilt from rail to rail all helping it go to rail quicker encouraging a shorter arc for a long board. The concave through the guts gives some lift and run under foot and extra paddle under chest. The deck is very rolled to keep the foam out of the rail encouraging more bight.

The Anti mal has more nose lift than a Malibu, but a lot less than a gun rocker -meaning it still has some paddle in it. The tail lift is extreme to compensate the lower nose entry which in effect loosens up the board and helps shorten the turning arc.

The bottom is glassed with 2 x 4oz and in between is a double carbon strip designed to both strengthen and increase the tensile kick through turns.
The deck is even more tech with 2 carbon strips spaced further apart running nose to tail and in between a 6 oz carbon striped deck protector. Over the top a 5 oz Triaxle combined with a 6 oz E glass wrap. The EPS core with a 3 mm stringer has the right mix of glass for strength and flex.
Fin positions are moved further up as you would in a longer board but the fin clusters are still kept closer together as in shorter boards - again encouraging a shorter arc and larger sweet spot.

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8.0 X 21 ½ X 3 ¼ = 58.28 LTS
9.0 X 22 X 3 1/8 = 64.4 LTS