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In order to address the mix of punters taking up surfing of late and the variation of models they are open to, I designed the Gentleman to satisfy those that first and for most need help to paddle in. A close second is a board with as much diversity as possible in that it can be surfed in a variety of conditions in a choice of modes.

Perhaps the main theme of this board besides being an excellent wave catcher is that it can be ridden in 3 different modes that would suit a wider variety of conditions sometimes only managed with multiple boards.
1. Quad mode
2. 2 + 1 mode
3. Single fin mode
It may be once a surfer finds his favourite mode he sticks with it but the options are real and the fin positions have been strategically thought out in order to maximize all modes.

The plan shape of this model is one with more width forward as is with quad and single fin designs. Also the 2+1 fin set up popular with long boards is a very real option with this design since the rear fin has movement of about 4” allowing for a lot of adjustment.

The bottom shape of the Gentleman is consistent with my con- vee belief explained in some of the other models. Fundamentally speed under the front foot and control under the back foot.

This board has a lowish nose entry, but not as extreme as some of my wider nose models because this design still wants to perform. This can be believed with the fact there is a decent amount of tail lift in the Gentleman giving it more vert as a single and 2 + 1. The extra speed created when in quad mode makes up for the extra drag incurred with excessive tail rockers.

The glassing of the EPS stringered Gentleman is biased toward strength coz most Gentleman turn into maniacs if there prized board breaks early in its life. The bottom is a double 4oz and the deck again a 3 ½ oz biaxle wrapped over with another 6 oz. To add extra lateral strength a double strip of carbon runs from nose to tail top and bottom.

6.8 X 21 X 2 7/8 = 41.9 LTS
6.10 X 21 ¼ X 2 7/8 = 43.6 LTS
7.0 X 21 ½ X 2 15/16 = 46 LTS
7.2 X 21 ¾ X 3 1/16 = 50 LTS
7.4 X 22 X 3 1/8 = 52.8 LTS