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The Mini Mini is named thus, because when it was designed in 2007 Mini Mals were the only alternative to a high performance board, and this model was designed for guys that wanted to ride shorter than normal.

Mini mals were known to be great paddlers so I made one a shitload shorter so it could be thrown around hence the name “Mini Mini” Mal. The last 4 years we have seen a bursting of these types of designs onto the market so I am re- introducing the Mini Mini coz it is perhaps more relevant today than it was 12 years ago when it was first conceived.

Basically the main purpose of this model is to allow the punter to ride shorter than ever- still retaining good paddle and having a board that can be controlled from further up because of the moved forward fin set and the narrow tail. That much area forward is super forgiving and pushed on hard will give great drive which is a prerequisite that can be lost going too short.

The Mini Mini has the nose area of a mal and the tail of a semi gun. Perhaps the Al Merrick Pod model was the source of inspiration for this design. Having that much area forward- besides the extra paddle it provides, the confidence it gives your front foot and the encouragement to push harder with it is immeasurable.

The Mini has a 3 mm concave through the guts running into a longish 3mm tail vee popping up 6 “ forward of the front fins and running out the tail. Under the nose we have a softer cathedral hull without the flat chine common in the Mojo. This gives more lift and forgiveness up front- as if it does not have enough already with all that area. The rails on this model are boxy so even though the profile is deemed to be thin- under arm they do not feel thin at all.

The Mini has a very low nose entry simply coz it can being so wide up there, but has a lot more tail lift perhaps a lot like the Malibu, however being so short with that extra lift and the vee underneath you can really throw that wide nose around with ease.

Unlike its original make up the latest Mini Mini has an EPS core and is glassed with inegra biaxle and one layer of 4 oz S cloth on the deck and one layer of 6 oz on the bottom. Being a stringerless board it has carbon reinforcements top and bottom to give it structure and twang.

Perhaps the fin set of the Mini is one of the most important facets of this design. Having that much tail kick, vee in the bottom and the narrowish tail the whole fin cluster now can be moved forward without the tail spinning out through a serious bottom turn and in turn giving the rider more leverage over the wider nose being positioned closer to the planning speed of the flatter rocker and concave through the guts. This model will perform well as a quad and equally as a thruster since the tail is narrow enough for it to hold in at speed.

5.6 x 20 ¼ x 2 1/8 = 27.08 lts
5.8 x 20 ½ x 2 1/8 = 28.22 lts
5.10 x 20 ¾ x 2 3/16 = 30.30 lts
6.0 x 21 x 2 ¼ = 32.47 lts
6.2 x 21 ¼ x 2 5/16 – 34.67 lts
6.4 x 21 ½ x 2 3/8 = 37 lts
6.6 x 21 ¾ x 2 7/16 = 39.4 lts





The Mini Mini , shaped by Muz at pipedreams surfboards , is the board that kept  me in the water and enjoying surfing while my young son was learning to surf himself. The ability to catch and then the performance level this board allows on small waves is electric.. it definitely livened up my surfing in conditions that were less than average. Always my board of choice in smaller clean conditions. simply because it goes.. thanks Muzza David Currell..

Regards David Currell