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The Pipedream EPS Pinger has evolved over the last 3 years to the point where I do think this years will be the best one yet. I have paid more attention to detail with the inclusion of a small flute out the last flyer, slightly lower rails, a more tapered tail and the inclusion of the new FCS2 fin system.

The Pinger is primarily a small wave five finner with a few attributes that give it a little more hold in mid size waves. Constructed from EPS and sporting a wider flatter nose with the Bourton Cathedral hull- this design has great paddle and its lightweight feel gives it a lightening reaction time. The double flyer reduces the tail area down to a smaller swallow and the fluted flyer, both give this fish a little more hold at higher speeds- making for a more versatile small wave board.

The plan of the Pinger is to be a wide nose fish with a not so ridiculously wide tail. The double flyer swallow is nothing new, but the function of reducing surface area and increasing release in the tail is never going to outdate. Here is a fish that CAN be nursed in bigger waves if called upon.

The Pinger has like most fishes a low entry rocker, but with the inclusion of the Bourton Hull it is even more accentuated which allows this design- given its better paddle glide- to buy back a little more tail rocker giving it a little more vert in tighter situations. Not a bad feel- a board that slips in with ease but has the short arc of a high performance rocker.

The Pinger as explained above, has firstly in the nose the cathedral hull which fades into a 4 mm single concave through the centre then warps into a 3 mm vee through the last third of the board. This vee encourages a predominantly wide board to rail in an instant, and also, more control when at higher speeds. Last but not least the back flyer has a small flute dug out of it which creates added bight and squirt.

The Pinger was primarily a quad, but this year- the narrowing of the tail a touch, the repositioning of the centre fin and the inclusion of the bight of the flute- put it in a category where it will perform comfortably as a thruster in smaller peaky waves. The quad set is designed so that in normal small to med waves the smaller trailors are best positioned in the rear, but when you want to push the limits of a small board in bigger waves reversing this combo will pay off with extra thrust and hold. Also this year the Pinger has employed the new FCS2 fin system.

If fins are required with this order go to our selection in Accessories and add to the cart.

This year I decided to include the traditional twang of a wooden stringer in a market place dominated by stringerless EPS models sporting all forms of exotic carbon wraps backed by technical marketing spiels that beggar belief. I have used a light weight stringer for the backbone twang that has a proven feel- combined with 1 x 6oz diagonal laminate on the bottom combined with 2 x 4oz laminates on the deck that bring back nose to tail flex and at the same time strengthens the board from snapping. Also to give the new FCS11 boxes a little more stability the Pinger has an extra layer of 4 oz covering the whole box area on the bottom. The Pinger would not be the Pinger without the carbon wedge on the deck which this year comes in a carbon Innegra combo and as another alternative a denser carbon matt which will stiffen up the twang a touch as well as giving the deck denting problem a nudge. A choice that will suit those who drive their knees through their decks. All combos have come in at a great weight – one that allows quickness of action, while retaining some weight to insure inertia and bounce minimization in chop.

5.6 X 20 7/8 X 2 9/16 = 32.73 LTS
5.8 X 21 1/8 X 2 5/8 = 34.75 LTS
5.10 X 21 3/8 X 2 5/8 = 36.06 LTS
6.0 X 21 5/8 X 2 11/16 = 38.9 LTS
6.2 X 21 7/8 X 2 ¾ = 41.04 LTS
6.4 X 22 1/8 X 2 13/16 = 43.42 LTS
6.6 X 22 3/8 X 2 7/8 = 46.14 LTS
6.8 X 22 5/8 X 3 1/16 = 49.67 LTS
6.10 X 22 7/8 X 3 1/8 = 52.83 LTS
7.0 X 23 X 3 3/16 = 55.38 LTS
7.6 X 23 3/8 X 3 ¼  = 60.93 LTS 


Hi Muzz,
A quick email to let you know I just got back from the Maldives bloody sore and tired from a 10 day charter with liquid destinations superb little fish -I am a quad convert now, heaps of speed – couldn’t believe how much at times, but enough volume to sit in the foam or glide the fats to wait for the next wall. This shot is at a place that had 200m rights for 4 days!as you can see the pinger performed really well in the swell we had and I surfed it all but once

Hi Muzz,
I have been meaning to email you about the Little Pinger with the back to front quad set up you made me a few months back. As you know the surf during this time has been pretty ordinary. First of all… the board is great. The new EPS material is more buoyant than the last material you used on the Little Zappas. This board has less volume and paddles/floats much better, making it easier again for me to paddle in to waves. I have had one surf at Straddie on it, caught one 3ft wave in particular on which the board had me going at mach speed, felt like the fastest I had even travelled on a surf board, I was squealing like a kid. Had a surf last week in some fun 4ft waves and the board feels so good under my feet. I can really move it round as I need to whilst getting speed through flat sections as you promised. And you were right about the “ping” you get out of the board when turning it. Of all the boards you have made me, they keep getting better each time and this one is my favourite yet.
Thanks mate.