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The Twinzaa evolved from the quad fin family rather than the Twin fin family, but is still closely related in many ways. Perhaps the driving force behind this design direction is the need for an alpha fin or fins further up from the tail so as to allow one to operate in a more forward position without losing decisive control. Normal quad designs have the bigger fins up front, but the Twinzaa has the big ones in the rear albeit they are positioned much further up than normal quad rears.

This then allows one to have more area forward dodging the front heavy syndrome that thrusters suffer should they have wider noses. Wider noses, flatter rockers, cathedral hull and pivotal - but drivey fin sets pretty well describe what the Twinza is about. This design is the only board that I know of that can hold a 30 meter bottom turn, but still turn on a sixpence.

The plan shape of the Twinzaa is forward centric as most Twins and Quads are and should be. I guess the distinctive difference with the Twinzaa is the very straightish outline from the centre to the flyer in the rear which allows the planshape to hug the face and race unimpeded and in turn taking the pressure off the alpha rear fins that are 3” in from the rail. The release point is the flyer that lines up with the leading edge of the side bights that combined with the round tail encourage whippy turns whilst the foot is flat to the floor.

The bottom shape of the Twinzaa is not a revelation as it is something I have been designing in many of my models- perhaps the most known are the Bullet series that sport the proven Cathedral hull bottom shape up front then running into a subtle 3mm concave through the guts then morphing into a long tail vee that encourages the tipping of a widish tail.

The rocker in the Twinzaa prescribes to the belief that such a loose design needs to keep in mind that speed in this case can be maintained by a flatter rocker and special fin settings.

Perhaps the most distinctive element of this design is the fin settings and the type of fins to facilitate these settings. There is a term used in sailing namely the ventura system which is a way of setting sails in order to squirt air through them to create more speed when taking from side to side. The Twinzaa mimics the same notion by keeping the alpha rears more parallel to the stringer and the front side bights more angled too the nose point effectively narrowing the entry gap between the leading edges of front and back fins that are also very close together as were the original fins sets of the earlier Twinzaa models.

To enhance the twitch the alpha rears are closer to the stringer but are also specially designed to lean out to the rail to keep holding to the face through driving turns. This gives this design incredible reach but because of the very close cluster, the design of the Hornet fins and the round tail this boards turning arc is as tight as you would want. On bigger days the addition of a small central nubster will give you even more reach.

The Hornet quad fins are a necessary part of this design and will only be sold with these fins which are factored into the price.

The Twinzaa is an EPS core glassed with biaxle enegra laminates and is glassed to last. It has 5 FCS2 boxes to fit the 4 glass Hornet fins and the nubster.

5.8 X 20 ¼ X 2 7/16 = 30 .47 LTS
5.10 X 20 ½ X 2 ½ = 32.63 LTS
6.0 X 20 ¾ X 2 9/16 = 34.86 LTS
6.2 X 21 X 2 5/8 = 37.11 LTS
6.4 X 21 ¼ X 2 11/16 = 39.54 LTS
6.6 X 21 ½ X 2 ¾ = 42 LTS

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